Baby turkeys have arrived!

Let us introduce you to our baby turkeys; they’re causing quite a distraction with our office team who are all keen to see them! They are 2 days old and already mischievous looking!

At Capestone, we have purpose built brooding sheds to look after our baby turkeys until they are old enough to spend the rest of their life outside, roaming the green pastures of the Pembrokeshire Coast! (We aren’t jealous, of course!)

The Scale Family has specialised in Christmas turkeys since the 1920s, so after all these years, we know a thing or two!

These baby turkeys are cared for by our brooding manager Viran and his committed team on the farm.

Once our poults are fully feathered & ready for the outdoors – we’ll let you know! Until then – enjoy this glorious sunshine!


Capestone baby turkeys

Capestone baby turkeys


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