Pembrokeshire Poussin

Capestone’s Pembrokeshire Poussin is extremely unique…
Poussin ImageThe only British produced Poussin being supplied to premium high street retailers.

Looking for something different?

Whether you’re a retailer, wholesaler, butcher or simply wanting to impress your guests at your next dinner party – the Pembrokeshire Poussin makes the perfect dish. The subtly tender and succulent flavour will leave everyone wanting more at the dinner table.

Ideal for easy cooking it guarantees to stir up the taste buds even of those discerning guests.

Each Pembrokeshire Poussin is suitable for individual portion and requires no more than 40 minutes cooking time.

Sizzling marinated spatchcock poussin

Sizzling marinated spatchcock poussin

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Did you know?

Produced in the UK…
Most Poussin sold in the UK are sourced from France. All Capestone chicks are UK bred, UK hatched and grown by ourselves. We also ensure the dedicated feed is also produced in the UK.
Cereal based diet…
These speciality birds live in high quality spacious accommodation and are fed a high cereal diet, (including maize), which not only provides their required nutrition, but also produces a wonderful flavour.
High welfare…
Stocking densities are in line with the highest standards of welfare demanded by Capestone’s customers.
Wonderful flavour…
The breed selected to grow the Pembrokeshire Poussin has a slow growth rate that gives an abundance of breast meat.