Capestone Kids Club

3 kids on trampolineGeorgia, Carys & baby chicksDo you know how much fun farming can be?
Ever wanted to look after your own animals?
Play outside in the fields all day?
Learn how to make food for people to eat?
Look after the countryside?

There are so many jobs to do on a farm!

But when the sun shines, the animals are happy and you can look after the countryside all at the same time – there is no better place to be!


Meet the boys & girls in the Kids Club

Fun Activity Sheets!

Farmer Justin wants your help! Can you help him? Read our Fact Sheet at the bottom of the page and answer the Capestone Quiz!  Good luck!

Easy Peasy!
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Capestone Fact Sheet!

  • Farmer Justin and Family have been farming at Capestone since 1826.
  • Capestone is located in West Wales, near the sea.
  • Capestone is a poultry farm with chickens and turkeys.
  • Capestone also have cattle and sheep.
  • The chickens and turkeys live outside all of their life and sleep in the shed at night.
  • It is important for poultry to sleep inside or foxes may catch them.
  • Chicks arrive as 1 day old and live in cosy barns until they are older.
  • Poultry eat a cereal based diet and have access to food and water throughout the day.
  • Capestone lambs are born inside so they can be cared for by our shepherdess.
  • Capestone sell their chicken to retailers, wholesalers, restaurants, farm shops.