Talking careers…get your thinking caps on!

Emily visited local secondary school – Sir Thomas Picton School on Friday 4th July to speak to a great bunch of Year 10s (a.k.a 16 year olds!)

The topic:

Food & farming careers!

 It was a jam packed session talking about – opportunities, variety of jobs, salaries as well as current opportunities at Capestone!

The challenge:

Each group were asked to design a new food product to present to the rest of the groups..(pretending of course that we were the supermarket buyers!)

 Wowwee! What a creative bunch!

 We discovered…. Sugar Puff Milkshake, Jalk Chocolate Bar (sounded yummy!), Swordfish Co., Heat Me Up hiker’s soup, All Sorts Ice-Cream!

 Looks like we’ve uncovered the next lot of New Product Developers, hoorah!

 Well done crew!

Talking Careers at STP

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