Xmas 3×3

Xmas 33 – A Book Review

Backman returns with a bestselling novel set at Christmas time in Edinburgh. The story follows a therapist who helps people with their problems, and sometimes has to sacrifice her own happiness. When her college boyfriend returns home, Patrice is left to contemplate her future. The writer is an expert at thought-provoking fiction, and this new book is no exception. When a mysterious package appears on her doorstep one Christmas Eve, she has to figure out who the real culprit is.

The Sears Christmas Wish Book attracts boys. In order to keep their boys interested, these mothers must find good deeds to do for their sons. As they work to make their sons feel good about the holidays, they realize that their sons can teach them things, too. Fortunately, both the mother and son have been raised by good mothers. Their friendship grows stronger with every year. Xmas 33 is a must-read for the holidays.