As the King of the Greek gods responsible for lightning and the sky, it only fitting that Zeus should have his very own slot machine. And as you may expect for such a high-ranking deity of his, the Zeus III slot machine is unlike any other. It epitomizes everything that you would come to expect from a slot machine of this prestige. And as one of the few machines of its kind, you’ll find that playing on a Zeus III gives you every bit of what you would expect from a slot machine of this caliber.

Slot machine legend and icon, Zeus himself can be found on every single slot machine in casinos all over the world. And as he is the patron deity of casino games, one would naturally expect that his symbols would be found on these machines, too. And if you thought only Greek gods could have symbols that go with their names on slot machines, think again. Zeus and His symbols are found on nearly every machine, and even those that aren’t Greek are named after a Greek god or myths (such as the Zeus Hydra machine in the slot reels of Roulette, for instance). In fact, the Greek god of lightning, Aerokleos, is represented by a hydra on a Zeus machine. Thus, when you play on a machine featuring this particular symbol, you’re really taking a step away from the beaten path, and into a world where slot machine games are truly fun.

The symbols included on Zeus machines come in many different colors, making them easier to identify than a machine named after another Greek god. You will notice that the coins which are tossed out when you hit a payoff have Greek letters on them, while the coins which you receive as cash when you hit a payoff don’t display Greek letters. That’s why you will need to look closely to determine which machine is the real deal and which one is a scam. Some of these games have very distinctive appearances, and you may just be able to spot them because they use symbols instead of words. If nothing else, it can’t hurt to test them out for yourself and see which machine is truly offering you the most fun.